LEA-S500® Elemental Analyzer

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ATILLA 2 Software


ATILLA 2 is a powerful intuitive software instrument for the instrument control and measurements automation.

ATILLA 2 contains:
  • Spectral lines database
  • Certified reference materials database
  • Analyzed samples database (archive)
ATILLA 2 provides:
  • Automatic sample analysis
  • Calibration and re-calibration
  • Graphical imaging of the obtained spectrum
  • Sample surface observation, selection of any point or area for the analysis
  • Possibility for development of analytical programs by a user (selection of spectra excitation and detection
    modes, selection of algorithms of spectral lines mathematical processing, calibration of the instrument)
  • Control of quality and reliability of the analysis results
  • Printing out the analysis results and their mathematical processing
  • Memory storage of unlimited number of analytical programs
  • Control over the instrument and the system state
  • Auto-calibration of a wavelength scale