LEA-S500® Elemental Analyzer

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Operating and service conditions:

The design of laser elemental analyzer LEA-S500 provides complete and reliable protection of personnel from harmful and physically dangerous factors during operation of the instrument.

Analyzer is aimed for the use indoors at ambient temperature from + 15 up to + 27 оС and relative humidity of not more than 80%
at 25 °С, moisture condensation is not allowed. Diurnal indoors temperature difference is not more than 3 °С; maximal allowable temperature difference within 2 hours is not more than 2°С.

Presence of corrosive media and conducting and fine-dispersed dust in the operative area is not allowed.
Power supply is (220±22) V, with (50±1) or (60±1) Hz frequency.

Minimal industrial facility area for exploitation of the analyzer cannot be less than 15 m2.


The following free-space standards should be followed at the analyzer exploitation while operating the instrument:

  • from back and lateral sides – not less than 1 meter
  • from front side – not less than 2 meters