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About SOL instruments

Since its foundation in 1994 the company has gained a reputation of a reliable manufacturer and supplier of high quality spectrоscopy, analytical instruments and specialized software packages for research and industry by providing innovative solutions, years of experience, competitive pricing and technical service and support.

Privately held in Minsk, based in the center of the capital of the Republic of Belarus, SOL instruments continually expands its presence on the world market of high-end products. SOL instruments products are currently exported to over 30 countries.

One of the most important resource of the company is highly-skilled, intelligent, hard-working specialists with many years of experience in respective fields. Nowadays SOL instruments employs more than 80 people: there are designers, engineers, programmers as well as sales, marketing and customer service professionals among them. We devote much attention to the teamwork with our distributors, suppliers and customers.

SOL instruments has its own 1800m2 premises. These are well equipped research and analytical laboratories, space for equipment demonstration, design-engineering department, optical and mechanical workshops, production control division, sale and procurement departments.

We apply state-of–the art technologies and advanced machines and engineering tools for implementation of the most grand projects and manufacturing high-performance, competitive products.


Historical Highlights


1994 - foundation of the Belorussian –Japanese Joint Venture "SOLAR TII"


1994-1998 – entry to the world market with innovative products

Participation in the international innovative exhibitions, fairs and congresses

Reorganization of the company, business process reengineering

Release of a number of new models of lasеrs and spectrоscopy instruments:

  • Pulsed Nd:YAG lasеrs, models LF112, LF113, LF114
  • Tunable Ti:Sapphire lasеrs, models CF122L, CF122R, CF123
  • CF151 Dye lasеrs
  • CF 161 Forsterite lasеrs
  • LiF:F2 Colour center lasеrs
  • Quasi-cw lasеrs, models CF231, LF2210, LF241
  • CRS 14 Raman shifters
  • Spectrographs, models SL40, S380
  • Spectrometer, models SL40-2-2048ISA
  • Monochrоmators MS350 series, MSDD500x2


1999 - 2003

Participation in the government program of Japan related to development of equipment for nanotechnology

Start of the long-term cooperation with the Joint Institute of Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna (Russia)

Launch of the following high-performance equipment:

  • Optical systems for Raman measurements of micro-objects, which have become one of the strategic products of the company
  • Laser Tweezer for manipulation of microscopic objects as small as a single atom
  • Laser elemental analyzer LEA-S500 based on LIBS technology
  • Two-channel laser system "LIDAR" for atmosphere monitoring
  • New series of monochromator-spectrоgraphs MS200, MS750, MSDD1000
  • Double monochromator with dispersion subtraction, model DM160
  • Two-channel monochromator –spectrograph, models NP250-2, NP250-2M
  • Spectrometer, model S150-2
  • Tunable Ti:Sapphire laser, model CF125
  • Chameleon Optical Parametric Oscillators, models COPO2200, COPO2200М

2004 - 2010

  • Launch of the first 3D scanning laser confocal microscope "NanofinderS", a universal system for multifunctional аnalysis of microstructures in 3 dimensions.
  • Launch of the first laser scanning CARS microscope (Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Microscоpy) with high resolution and high scanning speed for imaging of living cells and biological tissues
  • Upgrade of Laser elemental analyzer LEA-S500 to increase measurement accuracy and reliability; development of unique analytical techniques
  • Supply of customized systems

2010 – 2011

Launch of the following products:

  • High-end OEM spectrophotometer system ESCORT SM for optical coating deposition monitoring
  • 3-channel laser system for atmosphere monitoring
  • Monochromator-spectrograph, MS520 series
  • New solid-state diode pumped lasеrs, models DF141, DF152, DF251
  • Purchase of premises (production and office facilities)


2012 – JV "SOLAR TII" has been re-named to SOL instruments, Ltd.

  • Launch of a new series of 3D scanning laser Raman spectrometers/microscopes, Confotec series


2013 – 2014

  • Research and development in microspectral аnalysis at nano- level on basis of Confotec series equipment     
  • Development of new procedures of measurements on basis of LEA-S500 Laser Elemental Analyzer