3D Scanning Laser Confocal Raman Microscope Confotec® NR500

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Spatial resolutions


Laser Objective lens:
magnification and numerical aperture NA
XY Spatial resolution
Z Spatial resolution
488 nm 100X, NA = 0.95 295 nm 450 nm
633 nm 100X, NA = 0.95 395 nm 590 nm
785 nm 100X, NA = 0.95 560 nm 750 nm


Spectral range for Raman spectra detection: 30 cm -1 ~ 6000 cm -1 
(depends on the wavelength of the excitation laser)
Spectral resolution: 0,25 cm-1 (75 l/mm Echelle grating)
Sensitivity: peak of the 4th order of the Raman spectrum of Si is detected within 1 min
Modes of scanning: - Fast mapping: scanning of a laser beam along the surface of a sample with XY galvanoscanner

- shifting a sample with XY motorized scanning stage near a fixed laser beam

- combined mode for fast obtaining panoramic images with high spatial resolution: XY scanner (Fast mapping) + motorized microscope stage
Maximum scanning field size in the "Fast mapping" mode: XY 150 х 150 μm (with objective lens 100х)
Period of registration for one frame 150 х 150 μм in the "Fast mapping" mode: 3 s. / 1001 х 1001 pixels
PC control: fully automated


*Type, model: inverted Nikon Ti-S and upright Nikon Ni-U
Motorized scanning stage: automated
- travel range 114 х 75 mm
- accuracy (1 mm of shift) 0.06 μm
- XY repeatability ± 1 μm
- minimal step 0.02 μm
Micro objective lens: 100х NA-0.95
40х NA-0.75
20х NA-0.50 and other
Z-scanner: piezo scanner
- objective translation range 80 μm
- objective translation step 50 nm
- repeatability < 6 nm
High-resolution digital video camera: digital color CCD camera
- sensor 1/2", 2048 x 1536 pixels
- ADC 10 bit, speed 12 frames/s
Laser radiation delivery: three-position turret

* other types of inverted or upright microscopes available

Optical-mechanical unit (OMU)

Optimized optics for spectral range: 325 - 1050 nm (UV-VIS-NIR)
400 - 1100 nm (VIS-NIR)
Laser radiation delivery: triple- and quintuple input port
Laser beam attenuator: automated unit with VND filter, 0 - 3D
Polarizers (excitation channel) and 
analyzer (detection channel):
Glan-Taylor prism (automated unit)
Laser beam expander: automated vario telescope, magnification factor 1.0 – 4.0x
Half-wave (λ/2) plate positioner: automated three- / five-postion
Raman filter positioner: automated three- / five-postion

Interference filter positioner:

automated six-position
Pre-pinhole objective lens positioner: automated three-coordinated (X, Y, Z)

Imaging Monochromator-Spectrograph MS5004i

Optical configuration: vertical
Focal length: 520 mm
Magnification: 1.0 vertical,
1.0 horizontal
Vertical spatial resolution: < 20 μm
Flat field size: 28 х 5 mm
Stray light: 1 х 10-5 (20 nm from laser line 633 nm)
Diffraction grating unit: automated four-position turret
Spectral resolution:
(wavelength 500 nm, CCD pixel 12 x 12 μm)
0.25 cm-1 (Echelle grating 75 l/mm)
0.9 cm-1 (grating 1800 l/mm)
Spectral slits:  
- entrance automated confocal pinhole, smoothly regulated from 0 to 1.5 mm
- output automated, smoothly regulated from 0 to 2 mm
Ports: 1 input, 2 output
Output ports switching: automated output mirror

 Spectral camera for spectrograph

Type: digital CCD camera
Sensor type: back-thinned CCD sensor
2048 х 122 pixels
Pixel size: 12 x 12 μm
Pixel area size: 24.576 x 1.464 mm (width x height)
Spectral response range: from 200 to 1100 nm
Cooling with temperature stabilization: two-stage Peltier element, min – 45 °С
ADC: 16 bit
Sensivity: 1 photon for 1 ADC reading (at the max. sensivity of 650 nm)
Dynamic range: not less than 10 000

Fast scanning unit X, Y

Scanners: galvanometer scanners with X, Y mirrors
Scanning modes: raster high-speed and start-stop
Positioning accuracy: 30 nm
Scanning area: 150 μm х 150 μm (with 100Х objective lens)
Scanning speed: 3 s/frame 1001 х 1001 pixels

Unit of confocal laser microscope

Pre-pinhole objective lens positioner: automated three-coordinate (X, Y, Z)
Confocal pinhole: automated confocal pinhole, smoothly regulated from 0 to 1.5 mm
Detector: Hamamatsu Photosensor module H6780-01


Type of laser: Up to 5 lasers can be used simultaneously
  Wavelength, nm Output power, mW
He-Cd Laser (Single Mode (TEM00) He-Cd): 325 15, 30, 40, 50
Diode-pumped Laser (DPSS): 473 25, 50
Diode-pumped Laser (DPSS): 532 25, 50
He-Ne Laser: 633 10
Diode-pumped laser (DPSS): 785 80
  Using of other types of lasers with wavelength from 350 to 850 nm is possible

 Fig.1. Confotec NR500