Digital camera HS 103H

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Characteristic Value
Camera is specially adapted: for operation in the full vertical binning mode
Readout mode: inverted (MPP (multi-pinned phase) Mode)
Readout speed: 125, 250, 500 kHz


matrix instrument with the CCD (charge-coupled device) sensor S10420-1106 (Back-Thinned) by Hamamatsu, specifically developed for application in spectrometers.

Number of (pixels):

2048 х 64
Pixel size (H) x (V):

14 х 14 μm

Active area size (H) x (V):

28.672 х 0.896 mm

Nominal distance from a forward plane of the camera up to photosensitive field of CCD:

10 mm 

Exposure time:

from 10 μs up to 7.5 h

pre-exposure delay:

from 1 μs up to 10 s

post-exposure delay:

from 1 μs up to 10 s 

Analog-digital converter (ADC):

16 bit

Analog-digital converter (ADC) gain floating in the range:

from 1 up to 4.7

«Offset» signal setting (dark signal of the camera for the set parameters):

from -100 % up to +100 %

Camera sensitivity per 1 ADC count depending on amplification coefficient:

from 0.9 up to 4.2 photons (at maximal sensitivity wavelength 500 nm)

Readout noise RMS of the of the camera in full vertical binning mode:

not more than 15 ADC counts (maximal readout speed - 500 kHz)

Minimal frame readout time in full vertical binning mode:

9.4 ms
(corresponds to the readout speed of 87 frames per second at minimal exposure time of 10 µs)

Dynamic range:

not less than 7400

External PC connection interface:

«Ethernet 100 Base-T» under the protocol TCP/IP

Power supply:

voltage direct current (VDC) 24 ± 5 V from the external power adapter being a part of the delivery set

Power consumption:

not more than 15 В•А 

Overall sizes of the camera (L x D x H):

100 х 164 х 105 mm

Weight: 1.5 kg


Dimensional drawing

Dimensional drawing HS 103H