NP250-2 Spectrograph

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NP250-2 Spectrograph is a spectral device having several configurations to provide the majority of spectroscopy applications, wide choice of diffraction gratings, great number of accessories and two variants of the software. Please, select the required device configuration to design a spectroscopy system oriented to solve your special tasks.




Input and output ports


NP250-2 Spectrograph has one input port, in which the entrance spectral slit is mounted. There are two variants of slits:

  • Manually operated
  • Automated

All spectral slits have standard coupling flanges and various accessories of own production can be mounted directly to the entrance slit by this: optical fiber adapter, condenser F#-matcher, filter wheel, fast shutters and etc.
NP250-2 Spectrograph has two output ports, thus the radiation of each spectral channel can be delivered both to different output ports and to the same one.
Both exit spectral slits (manually operated or automated) and adapters for multi-element photodetectors can be installed in each of the output ports.




Diffraction gratings assembly


Each replaceable grating is delivered being mounted in a holder. The holders are adjusted by the manufacturer and no additional adjustment of a grating in the NP250-2 is needed at the grating replacement.
Upon your request a supply of additional diffraction gratings is possible. In this case a user makes the necessary grating pre-adjustment and corresponding alterations in calibration coefficients, according to the User Manual, given in the covering documents for additional diffraction gratings.



Diffraction gratings assembly NP250-2