International Conference ACNS’2017

ACNS’2017: 13th Biennial International Conference Advanced Carbon NanoStructures 2017

SOL instruments is the gold sponsor of the conference

  • From 3 to 7 July 2017, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
  • Academic University named after J.I. Alferov RAS

Dear colleagues and partners! As GOLD SPONSOR SOL instruments invites you to take part in the 13th Biennial International conference “Advanced Carbon NanoStructures 2017” (ACNS’2017), which will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia, on July 3 – 7, 2017.

ACNS’2017 is the international forum for the exchange of information on the latest progress in research of carbon nanostructures. General topics include synthesis and technology, physical properties, chemistry of all members of carbon nanostructure family including fullerenes, nanotubes, graphene, carbide derived carbon, onions, nanographite and nanodiamonds as well as their main applications for industry, biology and medicine.

SOL instruments Senior Engineer, Ph.D. Sergej Shashkov will present the report “Characterization of carbon materials by Raman Microscopy” in the section “Methods for characterization of nanocarbons”. Our specialists will answer your questions at our ex. stand, make us an appointment!

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Venue: Khlopina st. 8, building 3, litera A, Saint Petersburg