Conferences CTCT 2019 and ACNS 2019

SOL instruments is a gold sponsor of the conferences:

  • CTCT 2019: Current Trends in Cancer Theranostics, from 30th June to 4th July 2019, in Trakai, Lithuania
  • ACNS 2019: Advanced Carbon NanoStructures, from 1st to 5th July 2019, in St. Petersburg, Russia

CTCT 2019 – International conference “Current Trends in Cancer Theranostics” – from the 30th of June to the 4th of July 2019

Venue of the event: Tony Resort Hotel, UAB “Anupriškių parkas”, Anupriškių k. 2, Trakai district, Lithuania

As the golden sponsor of the conference, we invite you to visit Trakai to participate in the international conference CTCT’19, which will be held with the support of Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology (Jena/Germany), National Cancer Institute (Vilnius/Lithuania), Vilnius University (Vilnius/Lithuania), University of Regensburg (Regensburg/Germany), Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Electronics (Sofia/Bulgaria), Aalto University (Aalto/Finland), GAP – Biophotonics Université de Genève, (Geneva/Switzerland), Cryogenic Research Division, Scientific and Practical Materials Research Centre NAS of Belarus (Minsk/Belarus) and other scientific & research universities and societies.

SOL instruments Sales Manager, Alexander Shuster will make a report “SOL instruments confocal Raman microscopes: product specification & analytical potential” and present our new products at ex. booth.

ACNS 2019 – International conference “Advanced Carbon NanoStructures” – from the 1st to the 5th of July 2019

Venue of the event: Academic University named after J.I. Alferov, Khlopina st. 8, building 3, litera A, St. Petersburg, Russia

The official web-page:

ACNS is the international forum for the exchange of information on the latest progress in research of carbon nanostructures. General topics include synthesis and technology, physical properties, chemistry of all members of carbon nanostructure family including fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, graphene, carbide derived carbon, onions, nanographite and nanodiamonds as well as their main applications for industry, biology and medicine.

As the Golden Sponsor we invite you to take part in the 14th Biennial International conference “Advanced Carbon NanoStructures” (ACNS’2019), which will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia on July 1 – 5, 2019. Traditionally our specialists will answer your questions at our ex. booth.