Interview in SB newspaper

What micro- and macroelements are present in herbal mixtures

Interview with the newspaper “Soviet Belarus”

  • Interviewee: SOL instruments senior research engineer, Ph.D. Boikov V.
  • Article author: Natalia Tyshkevich, SB

SOL instruments senior research engineer, Ph.D. Boikov V. was interviewed by the newspaper Soviet Belarus about the importance of unique and innovative method of laser-elemental analysis for determination of the herbal chemical composition. Vladimir Boikov is the developer of analytical methods for determining the chemical composition of drinking water, natural and man-made materials, glass, ceramics, crystals, artifacts, metals and alloys on laser elemental analyzer LEA-S500® (SOL instruments). Here we give an excerpt from the article, published in Russian on SB site.

Any deficiency or excess of vital elements will cause this or that disease. And it’s good when empirical knowledge is confirmed by scientific methods. For example, research engineers of the 1st category L. Bobrova and G. Astrovskaya by the method of atomic emission spectroscopy on a certified laser elemental analyzer LEA-S500, produced by our company, studied 9 macroelements and 15 microelements in 9 different mixtures of herbs provided by E. Shmerko. State standard samples were taken as a basis. And in the sedative mixture, a high content of magnesium, lithium, and rubidium was found, in the kidney mixture – silicon and potassium, in the anti-inflammatory mixture – calcium, silicon, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, copper, and in the liver mixture – iron. Thus, studies have once again confirmed that herbs are a good, reliable and proven source of macronutrient and micronutrient intake.

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