The Actual Problems of Microworld Physics 2015

The XIII International School-Conference “The Actual Problems of Microworld Physics 2015”

  • From 27 July to 7 August 2015
  • Republic of Belarus, Gomel

Despite the summer heat, SOL instruments Senior Engineer has left to a picturesque city on the river Sozh, Gomel, where the XIII International School-Conference “The Actual Problems of Microworld Physics”, dedicated to the 60th Anniversary of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, is being held. This is the fifth time Gomel becomes an international platform for “The Actual Problems of Microworld Physics” congress.

130 participants from different countries are expected to take part in the school-conference, which has an impressive scientific program with many presentations and discussions on variety of current topics: status and experimental results from LHC and other accelerators; physics with future linear colliders (ILC, CLIC, …); non-accelerator physics; physics “in” and “beyond” the Standard Model; soft and hard QCD processes, hard diffraction, relativistic nuclear physics; new trends in quantum field theory; as well as review lectures on new trends in information and industrial technologies.

On the 6th of August, our Senior Engineer, Ph.D. Sergej Shashkov, will make a report on: “Raman Spectroscopy: a non-destructive, non-contact, and simple technique to characterize carbon materials”. Currently the work in the school-conference is at full blast, but the best is yet to come…

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