Presentation of the Confotec® Duo microscope at the Sirius Educational Center in Sochi

Presentation of the Confotec® Duo confocal microscope at the Sirius Educational Center in Sochi, Russian Federation

We are happy to share the news about the successful presentation of the compact confocal dual-channel microscope Confotec® Duo, manufactured by SOL Instruments Ltd., at the Sirius Educational Center in Sochi, Russian Federation. The Sirius Center was created for the talented children with the aim of bringing to them the advanced domestic technologies. Thereby we are making our contribution to education of young professionals and future scientists. The Confotec® Duo presentation was held within the framework of the scientific and technical project program “BIG CHALLENGES” in the direction of “Nanotechnology” – “Development of biosensors based on plasmonic nanomaterials for the detection of single molecules in liquid media.” Within the framework of the project, the Raman spectra of such compounds as rhodamine 6G, lisinopril and bacteria were measured. The schoolchildren of the Sirius Center used Confotec® Duo to test the biosensors they developed using an organic dye as an example.

In addition, our Confotec® Duo compact dual-channel confocal microscope (completed with two lasers) has been used for measurements in other scientific projects. For example, Raman spectra of transition metal oxides (copper oxide and iron oxide), obtained as a part of the project “Synthesis of nanocomposites based on transition metal oxides and their use as catalysts for the degradation of organic compounds in wastewater”, have been measured. And for the project “Optoelectronics based on metal-organic perovskites” in the direction of “New materials”, the spectra of perovskites, developed by the schoolchildren of the center, have been successfully obtained.