Report of SOL instruments RUS at “The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation Innovation Days”

Dear colleagues, partners and customers!

From 4 to 5 August 2014, at the Polygon Alabino in Moscow region, have successfully passed the “The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation Innovation Days”. This innovative series of events, at minimal cost to developers and manufacturers, is aimed to demonstrate the promising ideas and the latest achievements of science and industry to the leading staff of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, with their subsequent analysis and implementation of the most successful solutions to the activities of the Russian Ministry of Defense. Our company participated in this big event, and on the 4th of August the director of SOL Instruments RUS Nikita Kopachevsky made a report on the topic “The definition of the critical elements from H to U with the maximum possible accuracy on the analytical complex LEA-S500“. We are glad to present to your attention a small photo report from this markable event: