Analytica 2024: World’s Leading Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis, Biotechnology and Analytica conference

  • Conference dates: from 9 to 12 April 2024

  • Venue: Trade Fair Center Messe München, Germany

Analytica 2024 will take place in Germany from April 9-12 at the Messe München exhibition center.

Analytica 2024 will present an extensive program including demonstrations of the latest technologies, conferences and seminars with leading industry experts, and the opportunity to establish valuable business contacts.

SOL instruments GmbH invites you to visit our booth number A2 -325. We will be happy to present our latest developments, discuss possible cooperation and answer your questions.

Confocal Raman microscopy is one of the most demanded analytical techniques, which provides supplies a large amount of information about the physical characteristics of different materials.

We offer Raman microscopes with a variety of configurations, guaranteed reliability, flexibility and modularity, allowing you to customize the optimal solution for your specific application.

We are pleased to show you our unique equipment:

Confatec MR 200 high-precision confocal microscope

The Confotec® MR200 is a compact, high-precision confocal Raman microscope, fully integrated with an optical microscope, which has sufficient spectral resolution and it is ideal for microscopic measurements and scientific research. It has a confocal optical scheme with adjustable  pinhole size, which allows spectral analysis of microparticles or Raman imaging of macro-objects with very high spatial resolution.

Confotec® Uno compact microscope

The new Confotec® Uno confocal Raman microscope is a compact device with one built-in laser, either of 532 nm or 785 nm wavelength (optional), with a telescope and a single-channel imaging spectrometer on 120-mm vertical optical platform and a 4096-pixel linear CCD detector that allows to obtain high resolution spectra and high-efficiency light collection. The use of volume bragg filters allows spectra to be measured in the low-frequency region.

  • High sensitivity, third-order silicon peak detection
  • Long-term stability
  • Monobloc design, no moving parts
  • Smooth adjustment of a laser power
  • Automatic spectrum calibration
  • High sensitivity and high spectral resolution
  • Fully automated and compact
  • Long-term reliability and stability
  • Autofocus system as an option
  • Modular design