SOL instruments webinar

Biomolecular analysis of organelles of living cells using Raman microscopy methods

The current level of Raman microscopy and spectrum analysis methods opens up new perspectives in cell biology for studying dynamics at the subcellular level. Modernization of the Raman microscope with the installation of the biomolecular analysis program code (BCA) made it possible to measure the concentration of an undivided class of biomolecules at the level of organelles in a living cell in the volume of about 1 cubic micron. And for the class of lipids – define parameters related to the elements of lipidomics.

Thus, a new bioessay is currently being formed in the Omics group of disciplines – Ramanomics. Despite the large heterogeneity of the biomolecular composition of organelles, Ramanomics allows us to identify patterns of processes occurring in cells.

Speaker: Andrey Kuzmin, PhD (Institute For Lasers, Photonics And Biophotonics State, University of New York).

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