Confotec® CARS
Theory of CARS spectroscopy
Multifunctional microscope Confotec CARS

Microscope-spectrometer Confotec® CARS

Confotec® CARS is the multifunctional multi-channel 3D scanning laser microscope-spectrometer. Confotec® CARS is intended for simultaneous and multifunctional analysis: high-speed imaging by CARS signal; confocal Raman imaging; confocal fluorescence imaging; confocal imaging in the reflected laser radiation; high-contrast imaging in the transmitted laser radiation; as well as visualization of a surface profile by means of the second harmonics generation signal.

Microscope Confotec® CARS combines in one system:

  • CARS scanning microscope
  • Raman/luminescent scanning confocal microscope
  • Conventional scanning confocal laser microscope
  • High sensitivity: CARS spectroscopy method generates more intensive and directed signals in comparison to spontaneous Raman microscopy.
  • Anti-Stokes CARS signal has frequency exceeding pumping waves frequencies and is detected in a spectral range free from the stray light of Stokes luminescence.
  • CARS signal is registered only in a focus where excitation intensity is the highest. It allows imaging with a high spatial resolution using non-confocal pinholes and also performs 3D layer-by-layer scanning with minimal neighboring layers influence on measuring results.
  • Spectral resolution of CARS signal is defined only by the width of pumping lasers lines, what simplifies spectral measurements, as detection of CARS signals can be performed without any spectral instrument.
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The NanoSP software system is intended for acquiring and processing spectral data when working with scanning Raman microscopes of Confotec® series manufactured by SOL instruments. The powerful NanoSP software with an intuitive user interface provides the following functionality:

  • Control of all automated units and modules of the Confotec® series microscopes.
  • Performing spectral measurements at a point on the sample.
  • Acquiring one-dimensional, two-dimensional or three-dimensional maps of the sample using the reflected laser light and Raman scattering signals.
  • Data processing and analysis.
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  • Nanobiotechnology: real-time noninvasive analysis of biological samples (cells and components of living cells) with high spatial resolution.
  • Micro- and nanotechnology investigations of properties of non-biological microstructures: semiconductors, liquid crystals, polymers, pharmaceutical components, micro- and nanoparticles.

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Confotec® series microscopes

Raman confocal microscopes of Confotec® series: the 3D scanning laser microscopes-spectrometers designed to solve analytical tasks without an object destruction. Variety of configurations, reliability, flexibility and modularity, as well as high spatial and spectral resolution, allow to choose the optimal fitting of the Confotec® microscope for your unique application and investigation area.