Software for equipment produced by SOL instruments

SOL instruments presents universal software products for working with various devices of its own production: NanoSP, SpectraSP and ATILLA. The NanoSP software package with an intuitive user interface is designed for acquisition, processing and identifying spectral data when working with scanning Raman microscopes of the Confotec series. The multifunctional SpectraSP software has been specially developed to manage spectroscopic measurements and data processing when operating all spectral devices produced by SOL instruments. The SpectraSP program provides for maximum comfort and flexibility during the operation. And last but not least ATILLA – a powerful and intuitive software tool for controlling and automating measurements when working with the LEA-S500 laser elemental analyzer.

Программное обеспечения для приборов СОЛ инструментс


  • Support: scanning confocal Raman microscopes-spectrometers of the Confotec series
  • Control of all automated units and modules of the Confotec series microscopes
  • Performing spectral measurements at a point on the sample in various acquisition modes
  • Acquiring one-dimensional, two-dimensional or three-dimensional maps of the sample
  • Automated spectral calibration with a built-in light source: the best wavelength accuracy
  • Automated fluorescence background correction
  • Processing and analysis of images and spectra
  • Section view and 3D visualization
  • Linking to the Raman spectral databases
  • Saving configurations of the experiments


  • Support: the whole range of spectral devices produced by SOL instruments company
  • Experiment automation
  • Different types of spectral measurements
  • Visualization of various experimental data, their analysis, processing and storage
  • Real time measurement of spectral peak parameters (intensity, position, width)
  • The signal integration in a spectral band
  • Ultra-accurate wavelength calibration
  • Scanning of the panoramic spectrum in a predetermined spectral range

  • Background correction, intensity normalization, as well as defect pixel correction
  • Printing of results using a built-in Print Editor

Help & Support

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