МС 122 / МС 124
Spectrophotometer MC 122M

Spectrophotometers of МС 122 and МС 124 series

The MC 122 and MC 124 spectrophotometers are universal, high-precision and reliable devices for use in all fields where photometric research methods are applied. The MC 122 / MC 124 series was developed to solve the tasks facing factory laboratories of pharmaceutical industries. It allows you to reproduce all the methods of quality control of medicines of the state pharmacopeia of Belarus and other countries.

Thanks to the implementation of innovative design solutions, our team managed to create universal spectrophotometers that are in no way inferior to foreign top devices, while their cost is significantly lower than the cost of analogues.

Spectrophotometers MC 122 / MC 124 are multi-purpose instruments and can be applied in ecological and environmental laboratories, as well as on factories in various industry branches: optical, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, etc.

  • Measurement of absorption, transmission and reflection spectra;

  • Measurement of optical density, transmittance and reflectance on the fixed wavelengths;

  • One-, two- and three- wave measurements of concentration, multi-wave measurements;

  • Kinetic measurements both on one and several wavelengths;

  • Concentration measurement with pre-programmed techniques;

  • Calculation of trichromatic and chromaticity coordinates in different colorimetric systems CIE(CIE of 1931 and CIE 1964) for various types of sources (A, B, C and D65) and color distinctions calculation according to CIE 1976. (CIELAB) – at operation with the external software;

  • Storage of measurement data and reports preparing.

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