Automated double monochromators from SOL instruments

SOL instruments presents fully automated double monochromators DM160 and MZDD350i for separation of narrow spectral interval with minimal level of stray light. Model DM160 is a high throughput double monochromator with dispersion subtraction, F/number of 3.5 and focal length of 160 mm, distinguished for its high aperture, extremely low stray light and diffraction elimination. Model MZDD350i is a double monochromator with zero dispersion consisting of two imaging monochromators MS3504i configured in one construction and the exit slit of the first monochromator is the entrance slit of the second monochromator. The advantages of the MZDD350i device are: wide spectral range (UV, visible and IR spectral regions), low stray light, high aperture, high wavelength accuracy and repeatability, as well as full computer control.

Double monochromator MZDD350i
Двойной монохроматор DM160


  • Monochromator optical scheme: original scheme with dispersion subtraction
  • Operating wavelengths range: 190 – 560 nm
  • F/number (entrance): 1/3.6
  • Focal length (output): 160 mm
  • Stray light (20 nm from laser line): 10-7
  • Spectral resolution: 1.3 nm
Двойной монохроматор MZDD350i


  • Optical scheme: two cascaded Cherny-Turner monochromators with dispersion subtraction
  • Operating wavelengths range: 185 nm – 60 μm
  • F/number (entrance): 1/3.8
  • Mirror focal lengths: 300 mm and 350 mm
  • Stray light (20 nm from laser line): 5 х 10-7
  • Spectral resolution: 0.07 nm

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