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Double monochromator with zero dispersion MZDD350i

Double monochromator with zero dispersion MZDD350i

The MZDD350i model from SOL instruments is a double monochromator with zero dispersion consisting of two imaging monochromators MS3504i configured in one construction and the exit slit of the first monochromator is the entrance slit of the second monochromator. The device is fully automated. A set of four gratings and smoothly adjustable slits allow to operate in a wide spectral range (ultraviolet, visible and IR spectral regions) with a required bandpass.

Features of MZDD350i double monochromator are: wide spectral range (UV, VIS, IR), low level of stray light, high aperture, high wavelength accuracy and repeatability, as well as full computer control. MZDD350i is ideal for Raman spectroscopy, spectroscopy of pulsed light sources, measurements of the CCD detectors quantum efficiency, and for various spectral measurements in ultraviolet, visible and infrared regions where tunable monochromatic light is wanted.

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Reference from our client VNIIOFI:


S.P. Morozova
Head of the Laboratory of Spectrophotometry and IR Radiometry of VNIIOFI, Ph.D., Honored metrologist of Russian Federation, Corresponding member of Russian Municipal Academy

“The automated double monochromator MZDD350i manufactured by SOL instruments is used at the Federal State Unitary Enterprise VNIIOFI as a part of the setup for measuring the relative spectral sensitivity of instruments for remote sensing of the Earth. This installation is a part of the State primary special standard GET 179-2010.”

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