Monochromator-spectrograph of MS series



MS series

SOL instruments presents the state-of-the-art instruments for spectroscopy: classical Imaging Cherny-Turner monochromator-spectrographs of MS series.

Our MS series monochromator/spectrographs comprise two groups: the middle focus, high-aperture, compact devices; and the long-focus – more than half a meter – high resolution devices with a large flat focal plane. All instruments are fully automated. The choice of a particular instrument depends on the purpose of measurement.

The middle focal devices have been designed especially for operation with very low levels of light signals, they are mostly applicable for measurements in wide spectral range at different wavelengths at once. This group includes MS200 and MS350 instruments, which are ideally suitable for majority of applications.

A long focal device is the one you need if such features as high resolution, accuracy, reproducibility, size of a scanning step – are of principal demand. Thus, a choice should be made among the devices in another group of instruments: MS520, MS750 and MSDD1000.

Benefits of MS series monochromator-spectrographs


  • Precise optics, perfect optical implementation with aberration compensation
  • High spectral resolution up to 1 pm with ultra-high resolution option
  • High reproducibility and accuracy of all mechanisms
  • Automatic wavelength calibration, high calibration accuracy
  • High energy efficiency up to 78% transmittance
  • Precise focus position: no focusing required when measuring wavelength or changing diffraction gratings
  • Complete automation


  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Fluorescent, luminescent measurements
  • Measurement of transmission, absorption, reflection
  • Plasma emission spectroscopy
Монохроматор-спектрограф MS200


  • Focal length: 200 mm
  • F/number: 1/3,6
  • Spectral resolution: 0,11 nm
  • Reciprocal linear dispersion: 4,12 nm/mm

  • Distinction: best aperture
Монохроматор-спектрограф MS350


  • Focal length: 350 mm
  • F/number: 1/3,8
  • Spectral resolution: 0,06 nm
  • Reciprocal linear dispersion: 2,37 nm/mm

  • Distinction: high aperture
Monochromator-spectrograph MS520


  • Focal length: 520 mm
  • F/number: 1/5,4
  • Spectral resol.: 0,028 and 0,002 (echelle) nm

  • Rec. lin. disp.: 1,55 and 0,11 (echelle) nm/mm
  • Distinction: ratio aperture / spectral resolution
Монохроматор - спектрограф MS750


  • Focal length: 750 mm
  • F/number: 1/8,9
  • Spectr. resol.: 0,015 and 0,0008 (echelle) nm
  • Rec. lin. disp.: 1,02 and 0,055 (echelle) nm/mm
  • Distinction: high spectral resolution, perfect contour of spectral lines
Монохроматор-спектрограф MSDD1000


  • Focal length: 1000 (2*500) mm
  • F/number: 1/5,9
  • Spectral resolution: 0,013 nm
  • Reciprocal linear dispersion: 0,78 nm/mm

  • Distinction: high spectral resolution and low level of stray light
Help & Technical support

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