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Imaging monochromator-spectrograph MS200

IMAGING monochromator-spectrographs of MS200 series

MS200 – fully automated and compact imaging monochromator-spectrograph with focal length of 200 mm which has the highest F/number 3.6 among other MS series devices.

Thanks to excellent performance parameters and small dimensions, MS200 devices can be used both as an autonomous spectral devices and as a part of spectroscopic systems. They are ideal for measurements at different wavelengths in the spectral range at once. MS200 is the only instrument of MS series that has two output ports at right angles to each other. This is important in some applications, for example when making polarization measurements.

Benefits of MS series monochromator-spectrographs

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Imaging monochromator-spectrographs of MS series produced by SOL instruments

Monochromator-spectrograph MS200


Compact short-focus monochromator-spectrograph with focal length of 200 mm, notable for the best aperture

Monochromator-spectrograph MS350


Fully automated multi-purpose monochromator-spectrograph with focal length 350 mm and high aperture

Monochromator-spectrograph MS520


Imaging monochromator-spectrograph with focal length of 520 mm and the best ratio aperture / spectral resolution

Monochromator-spectrograph MS750


Long-focus imaging monochromator-spectrograph with focal length of 750 mm and the best spectral resolution

Monochromator-spectrograph MSDD1000


Monochromator-spectrograph with effective focal length of 1000 mm, high spectral resolution and low stray light level

Monochromator-spectrographs of MS series

SOL instruments presents the state-of-the-art instruments for spectroscopy: classical Imaging Cherny-Turner monochromator-spectrographs of MS series. MS series comprises two groups: the middle focus, high-aperture, compact devices; and the long-focus – more than half a meter – high resolution devices with a large flat focal plane. MS series features are: precise optics, high spectral resolution, precise focus position, and full automation.