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Automated spectrograph NP250-2

IMAGING: automated spectrograph NP250-2

Two-channel Imaging spectrograph NP250-2 manufactured by SOL instruments is a unique device with astigmatism correction, aperture ratio of 1/4.2, possibility of grating change, and automated wavelength tuning. Distinctive features of NP250-2 are: parabolic mirrors, two independent spectral channels, high spatial resolution over the slit height, and great variety of diffraction gratings. Each of the spectral channels is an imaging spectrograph with a focal length of 270 mm and F/number of 1/6.1, which results in high-performance spectral line imaging. As opposed to the conventional multi-channel spectroscopy, NP250-2 allows to record spectra from different sources in two spectral ranges simultaneously.

Automated spectrograph NP250-2 is perfectly suited for the following applications: multichannel spectroscopy through the use of parabolic mirrors with a vertical magnification of 1; measurements in ultraviolet, visible and infrared spectral regions; emission, fluorescent and Raman spectroscopy; as well as transmittance and reflectance measurements.

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