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SOL instruments Ltd. (the registered name SOL instruments®) is the private company.

The start-up of the company’s business is referred to 1989, when a team of highly intellectual, young initiators founded the scientific and technical center. They designed and produced the first line of high-tech spectral devices and solid state pulsed lasers for scientific research which were appreciated on the high technology market in the world in 1991.

SOL instruments has been continually expanding its presence on the world market of high-end products. SOL instruments products are currently exported to over 50 countries.

Since its foundation in 1994, the company has gained a reputation of a reliable manufacturer and supplier of innovative, high quality and reliable instruments, specialized software packages for research and industry by providing high-tech solutions, competence, competitive pricing and technical service and support.

The value of the company is highly-skilled, intelligent, hard-working specialists with many years of experience in respective fields. Nowadays SOL instruments employs more than 70 people, designers, engineers, programmers, sales people, marketing specialists and service engineers among them.
We devote much attention to the teamwork with our distributors, suppliers and customers.

SOL instruments has its own 1800 m2 premises. These are well equipped research and analytical laboratories, room for equipment demonstration, design-engineering department, optical and mechanical workshops, production control division, sales and procurement departments.

We apply state-of-the-art technologies and advanced engineering tools for implementation of the most grand projects and manufacturing the high-performance and competitive products.

  • 1989 – start of business as a scientific-technical center: development and production of a line of spectral instruments and solid-state pulsed lasers for scientific research.
  • 1994 – investments of Tokyo Instruments Inc. to the company’s business and foundation of the Belorussian-Japanese Joint Venture «SOLAR TII».
  • 1998 – development of confocal Raman microscope Nanofinder® in collaboration with Japanese partner, entering the market with Nanofinder® – the first device of the company and the second commercial device in the world.
  • 2001 – presentation of the first-ever commercial Laser elemental analyzer LEA-S500® based on LIBS technology, in the analytical equipment market.
  • 2004 – development and launch of the 2nd generation automated Raman microscopes Nanofinder® S and the 1st in the world commercial confocal microscope CARS.
  • 2005 – participation in the project on creation of Large Hadron Collider at CERN: design and manufacture of the 41 beam profile monitors for the accelerator.
  • 2010 – launch of the high-end OEM spectrophotometer ESCORT SM for monitoring of optical coating deposition in the vacuum sputtering chambers of various types.
  • 2011 – development and launch of a new line of lasers – diode-pumped pulsed Nd:YAG lasers of the DF series (DPSS lasers).

  • 2012 – moving to own premises. Re-branding of the company: JV “SOLAR TII” has been re-named to SOL instruments Ltd. Launch of a new series of 3D scanning laser Raman microscopes/spectrometers – the Confotec series.
  • 2013 – launch of a new line of compact and cost-effective Raman confocal microscopes of the Confotec® MR series for routine measurements.
  • 2018 – presentation of the GEN II intelligent spectral equipment; upgrade of the Imaging monochromators-spectrographs of the MS Series.
  • 2019 – development and launch of a new commercial confocal Raman microscope Confotec® Duo based on Raman scattering technique.
  • 2020participation in the innovation project of the European Union under the name Real time nano CHAracterization ReLatEd techNioGiEsS (acronym CHALLENGES) within the program HORIZON 2020 (2020-2023).

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