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Анализатор элементного состава LEA-S500


Laser elemental analyzer LEA‑S500 produced by SOL instruments allows to detect chemical elements from H to U in a measuring range from 0.01 ppm to 100% in a matter of minutes. LEA-S500 is a unique system that combines innovative technologies in the field of spectral, measuring, digital and laser equipment, as well as software.

The modern atomic-emission spectral instrument LEA-S500 is an ideal tool for research, development of new materials and their processing techniques, as well as quality control at all stages of the industrial production process. The unique capabilities of analyzer make it possible to measure the concentrations of chemical elements in glasses, metals and alloys, analyze the distribution of impurity element concentrations in heterogeneous materials, determine the chemical composition of inclusions, as well as measure various contaminants in building materials, and much more.

  • Measuring of mass fraction of chemical elements or their oxides in a sample with minimal sample preparation, without change of a sample aggregate state, and without need in expensive consumables.
  • Multielement chemical analysis per one measurement with high sensitivity and precision in the wide concentration range.
  • Layer-by-layer analysis of coatings, films, deposits, corrosion; analysis of inclusions, flaws, defects; analysis of conductive and non-conductive materials; as well as analysis of a wire of any diameter, balls and cylindrical details without additional processing using special
    adapters (included in the delivery set).
  • Analysis of elements distribution in a sample with the step from 30 mcm; mapping of elements distribution over the surface, homogeneity control.
  • No need in re-configuration or modernization of the instrument to solve all the mentioned tasks, as well as uncompromising operation safety and complete protection of the personnel from harmful factors.


  • Laser elemental analyzer LEA-S500 is applied for qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative elemental (chemical) analysis of raw material, components, additives, admixtures, inclusions at all stages of manufacturing process; for control of finished products at factories; for scientific investigations.

  • The instrument allows to perform both general averaged multi-element analysis of a sample and local analysis of small volume and mass. Detectable elements are from H to U.
  • Application areas: glass industry, cement industry, ceramics industry, geological industry, semiconductor industry, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, construction materials, forensics, scientific research, materials science, mechanical engineering, extraction and processing of raw materials, environment protection, archaeology, agriculture (production of feed, tea, etc.), medicine, pharmacology, as well as certification.


LEA-S500 elemental analyzer for determination of microelements in hair of a human body.
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LEA-S500 elemental analyzer for analysis of hair.
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One more possible application of LEA-S500.
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LEA-S500 is included into the State Register of approved measuring instruments of Russian Federation.


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