Our mission

To create reliable, high-quality and high-tech equipment to meet the challenges of our customers across the rapidly progressing world.

SOL instruments Ltd. is an innovation-focused manufacturer of technologically advanced instruments for light measuring, elemental аnalysis and nano-scale micrоscopy.

For more than two decades we have devoted our knowledge, innovations and experience to spectrоscopy, micrоscopy, lasеrs and create robust tools for scientific and industrial applications in four business segments:

We are proud to be a part of the world’s most advanced scientific explorations and bring our innovations to the market of high performance equipment.

We are striving to be a reliable supplier of high-tech products and innovative solutions for customers’ advanced needs and to offer top-level technical service and support all over the world.

Manufacturing facilities, research and analytical laboratories:

  • High level up-to-date technologies
  • Precise finishing and CNC automatic machines
  • Optical coating equipment; Electronics (circuit wiring) & Assembling
  • Research & Development; high-technology research and analytical laboratories

Our values:

Team spirit
Honesty & integrity
Cost-effective solutions

Our benefits:

How can we be useful to a customer?

Unique equipment
Customized solutions
OEM supplier
Quality assurance
Service & Technical support