High-precision spectrophotometers from SOL instruments

Up-to-date high-precision spectrophotometers from «SOL instruments» are designed to solve a wide range of routine and research tasks related to registration and processing of spectra, quantitative and multi-component analysis, as well as kinetic measurements.

When manufactured, our spectrophotometers as a measurement tool are subjected to the metrological certification procedure according to the programs and methodologies of metrological certification with issuance of a Certificate of metrological certification, and to the calibration procedure with issuance of a Certificate of Calibration indicating the actual values of metrological characteristics.

Spectrophotometer MC 122M

Distinctive features of spectrophotometers produced by SOL instruments:

  • Double dispersion monochromator: low level of stray light and high measurement accuracy
  • Original optical design that allows to work with small-sized samples and micro samples
  • The built-in powerful PC, allowing to process the results of measurements, archive data, etc.
  • The built-in full-color LCD TFT VGA display
  • Connection of various external devices: mouse, keyboard, printer, external display
  • Direct connection to the local computer network of the company and to the Internet
  • Modular system of cuvette compartments allows to significantly expand the device functionality (measure reflection coefficients, make polarization research, etc.)
Spectrophotomers MC 122 and MC 122M

МС 122 and МС 124

Modern up-to-date spectrophotometers MC 122 and MC 124 are high-precision measuring devices, ideal for use in research and environmental laboratories, as well as in factory laboratories of various industries, such as optical, chemical, food, etc.

  • МС 122, МС 122М and МС 122А: spectral range from 190 nm up to 1100 nm
  • МС 124 and МС 124-1: 315 – 1100 nm and 380 – 1100 nm correspondingly
Spectrophotometer MC 311

МС 311

High-precision IR spectrophotometer MC 311 for the infrared spectrum range – from 800 up to 3200 nm – is intended for solving a wide scope of routine and investigation tasks related to spectra registration and processing, quantitative analysis and multi-component analysis, as well as kinetic measurements.

OEM spectrophotometer ESCORT SM


OEM spectrophotometer ESCORT SM is designed for optical coating deposition monitoring in the vacuum sputtering chambers of various types. ESCORT SM allows to control the coating thickness with an accuracy of 0.2 nm, making rapid and precise measurements of the emission, reflection and transmission spectra of the deposited material, necessary for the control and optimization of the technological process.