Microscope Confotec NR500

Confotec® NR500

High-precision, fully automated 3D scanning laser Raman confocal microscope with a spectrometer, designed for non-destructive analysis and optical spectroscopy

Confotec microscopes of MR series

Confotec® MR series

High speed Raman spectroscopy in every laboratory: reliable and compact Raman microscopes-spectrometers Confotec® MR350, Confotec® MR520 and MR750

Microscope Confotec MR200

Confotec® MR200

Compact and price-effective, fully automated, confocal high-precision 3D scanning Raman microscope for non-destructive analysis of substances and materials

Microscope Confotec CARS

Confotec® CARS

Multi-functional fluorescent and traditional multi-channel 3D scanning laser microscope-spectrometer notable for its high resolution and high-speed scanning

Microscope Confotec DUO

Confotec® Duo

Compact confocal Raman microscope with two integrated lasers (532 nm and 785 nm) with telescopes and an integrated two-channel imaging spectrometer

Microscope Confotec Uno

Confotec® Uno

Compact confocal Raman microscope with one built-in laser (optional: 532 nm or 785 nm) with a telescope and a single-channel imaging spectrometer

Laser elemental analyzer LEA-S500


Laser elemental analyzer LEA-S500 – is a powerful atomic-emission spectral instrument with multi-channel spectrum registration that allows you to determine the elemental (oxide) composition of a sample in a matter of minutes. LEA-S500 is intended for scientific investigations, development of new materials and their processing technologies, as well as quality control at all stages of the production process.



Classical Imaging monochromator-spectrographs of MS series with focal length from 200 mm to 1 m

Compact spectrometers

Compact spectrometers

Small-size two-channel spectrum analyzer SL40 Duo and high-resolution two-channel spectrometer S150 Duo

Double monochromators

Double monochromators

High throughput double monochromator DM160 and zero dispersion double monochromator MZDD350i



Simple and compact lens spectrograph SL100M as well as two-channel devices NP250-2 and NP250-2M

Digital cameras for spectroscopy

Digital cameras

Selection of digital cameras for spectroscopy based on CCDs and multi-element photodiode sensors

Single-element detectors

Single-element detectors

Wide selection of single-element detectors for the range from 0.185 to 16.6 μm: optimized to maximum SNR

Lock-in amplifier SpectraLIA

Lock-in amplifier SpectraLIA

High performance two-channel analog lock-in amplifier: intended for registration of extremely low signals

Spectroscopy acquisition system SpectraDAS

Data Acquisition System SpectraDAS

Three-channel data acquisition system for spectroscopy: fully compatible with all types of integral detectors


We also offer a wide selection of accessories to all the spectral devices for optimization of experiments: motor driven and manual spectral slits, automated filter wheels, entrance slit diaphragms, fiber optics, holders for fiber optics, fast shutters, imaging condensers, mirror and lens adapters, condensers F# Matcher, apertures matching condensers, condensers for focusing to the detector and radiation delivery, as well as other auxiliary equipment.

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Pulsed lasers

Diode-pumped Nd:YAG lasers

Innovative reliable single pulse and double pulse diode-pumped (DPSS) Nd:YAG lasers of DF series

Pulsed lasers of LF series

Lamp-pumped Nd:YAG lasers

Highly stable innovative single pulse and double pulse lamp-pumped Nd:YAG lasers of LF series

Tunable lasers

Tunable pulsed lasers

Tunable Ti:Sapphire lasers, optical parametric oscillators, and the solid state Raman shifter

Spectrophotometer MC 122 / MC 122M

MC 122 / MC 124

High-precision spectrophotometers MC 122 and MC 124 work in ultraviolet, visible and near infrared spectrum ranges: from 190 nm up to 1100 nm

Spectrophotometer MC 311

MC 311

Up-to-date universal multi-purpose IR spectrophotometer MC 311 is designed especially for the infrared spectrum range: from 800 nm up to 3200 nm

Spectrophotometer Escort SM


Precise and rapid high-end OEM spectrophotometer ESCORT SM is ideal for monitoring optical coating processes during and after their application

Optical monitoring system Escort SM


OEM spectrophotometer ESCORT SM is designed for optical coating deposition monitoring in the vacuum sputtering chambers of various types. Monitoring can be performed during and after the coating process. Optical monitoring system ESCORT SM is a high-end universal instrument based on innovative investigations in the field of spectral devices and precise measuring systems. ESCORT SM has no analogs on the market.



The powerful and intuitive NanoSP software system is intended for acquisition, processing and identification of spectral data when working with scanning laser confocal Raman microscopes-spectrometers of Confotec series