Optical monitoring systems

Optical coating deposition monitoring

Company SOL instruments, having many years of experience in the development and production of optical monitoring systems for various technological processes, presents the specialized OEM spectrophotometer ESCORT SM. The ESCORT SM spectrophotometer is a reliable and innovative OEM complex designed for building on its basis an optical monitoring system intended to accompany, monitor and optimize the process of optical coatings deposition in the vacuum sputtering chambers of various types. Currently, ESCORT SM has no analogs on the market.
OEM spectrophotometer ESCORT SM


OEM spectrophotometer ESCORT SM is an innovative high-end instrument specially designed to measure characteristics of optical coatings during the process of their deposition and after it, in the vacuum sputtering chambers of various types. Broadband optical monitor ESCORT SM provides precise and rapid measurements of the emission, reflection and transmission spectra of the evaporated material, allowing to control the thickness of the deposited coating with an accuracy of up to 0.2 nm.