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SpectraSP software is an intuitively usable software package that gives you full control of all spectral devices produced by the SOL instruments company. The program package provides for the maximum comfort and flexibility during the device operation.

Imaging монохроматор-спектрограф MS520
Спектрограф SL100M
SpectraSP booklet
Spectral devices

The SpectraSP software package utilizes the full potential of the monitored spectral instrument and complements it with many different functional capabilities:

  • Support and control of all spectral devices produced by SOL instruments®, experiment automation
  • Support of wide variety of detectors (single and multi-element) from different producers (SOL instruments, Proscan, Andor, Ormins), simultaneous use of multiple detectors
  • Different types of spectral measurements using various CCD operation modes (spectral, image, multi-track)
  • Ultra-accurate wavelength calibration
  • Performing spectral measurements, visualization of experimental data, their processing, analysis and saving, built-in print editor, saving spectra in various formats
  • Real time measurement of spectral peak parameters (intensity, position, width)
  • The signal integration in a spectral band and all other mathematical operations
  • Scanning the panoramic spectrum in a predetermined spectral range
  • Background correction, intensity normalization, defect pixel correction

User-friendly interface

  • Individual program windows to operate with spectra and images
  • Individual control panels for operation with built-in functions
  • Quick access to the frequently used parameters
  • Pop-up help

Panoramic spectra acquisition

Acquisition of panoramic spectra in a given spectral range is carried out quickly and easily. A unique algorithm provides accurate wavelength and field calibrations, stitching of spectra.

Peak tracer

Peak Tracer is intended for measurement of the basic peak parameters (peak position, its intensity and width).

Advanced processing of spectra data

  • Spectra visualization in convenient forms
  • Various styles and color for data presentation
  • Spectra comparison function (display of many spectra in a single graph)
SpectraSP - удобный интерфейс
User-friendly interface
SpectraSP: получение панорамных спектров
Panoramic spectra acquisition
SpectraSP: трассировка пиков
Peak tracer
SpectraSP: расширенная работа со спектрами
Advanced processing of spectra data
SpectraSP: интегрирование в полосе
Signal integration
SpectraSP: изображения и спектры
Images and spectra
SpectraSP: режимы детектирования
Detection modes

Signal integration

  • This function can be applied to a signal intensity control in a selected spectral band
  • Up to 4 spectral bands selection with real-time parameters adjustment

Images and spectra

  • When registering, all spectra located in the rows of array sensor are recorded
  • Additional tools for images and spectra operation:

    • scaling of a required image area
    • view of any cross sections, vertical and horizontal, in the cursor area
    • brightness and contrast adjustment of images

Detection modes

The following detection modes are supported:

  • Full Vertical Binning (FVB) – the charges from each column of CCD pixels are combined or binned on the chip to give a single spectrum per column
  • Image – signal information of each individual pixel of CCD is recorded and accessible
  • Multi-track – spectra will be read out from the defined CCD tracks

Extended possibilities to control spectral instruments and detector parameters

  • Setting of all possible registration parameters on a separate program page
  • Signal averaging and summation, external and internal synchronization

Reports, spectra saving and data export

  • Saving of spectra in different formats for further processing
  • The program has a built-in report editor
SpectraSP: управление и настройки
Control and settings
SpectraSP: редактор отчетов
Built-in report editor

The SpectraSP software is constantly evolving and supplemented with various new features.
You can follow up regular updates on our web-page https://solinstruments.com

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