Confotec® MR350 / MR520 / MR750
Description & Applications
Микроскоп-спектрометр Confotec MR350

Raman microscopes-spectrometers of Confotec® MR series

Compact Raman confocal microscopes-spectrometers of MR series from SOL instruments – models Confotec® MR350, Confotec® MR520 and Confotec® MR750 – are intended for micro spectroscopic measurements with the high-end system capabilities.

All models have a rigid design that does not require adjustments and have both high sensitivity and high spatial resolution. Spectral measurements are provided by a highly automated 350, 520 or 750 mm focal length Imaging monochromator-spectrograph with a motorized 4-position grating turret.

We offer 5 configurations for each model of Confotec® MR series microscopes so that you can select the optimal assembly for your industrial or scientific task.

  • Modular design: the main Raman optical unit with a built-in laser is attached to the microscope, and the fiber coupled spectrograph can be arbitrarily located on a desktop or optical table.
  • Rigid design, when no pre-adjustment is needed, provides high thermal and temporal stability of spectral measurements.
  • Nondestructive analysis, no special requirements for sample preparations.
  • Two automatic switchable lasers with different wavelengths allow to measure Raman spectra of various samples without influence of fluorescence background.
  • Highly automated 350, 520 or 750 mm focal length Imaging monochromator-spectrograph with a motorized 4-position grating turret provides spectral measurements.


The most complete configuration includes: microscope with an automated stage, Raman module, two automatically switching lasers, 350, 520 or 750 mm focal length Imaging monochromator-spectrograph, digital color CCD camera for spectral measurements with Peltier cooling, high speed PMT unit for Raman imaging, X-Y galvano-mirror scanner, Z-piezo scanner, and the reflected unit with a high speed detection system for Rayleigh imaging.


Gemstone Identification by Raman spectroscopy.
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Analysis of pharmaceutical tablets by Raman spectroscopy.
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Polycrystalline silicon solar cell inspection using confocal Raman microscopy.
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Characterization of diamond coating tools by photoluminescence and Raman spectroscopy.
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The use of Raman confocal methods for Depth Analysis of Multilayer Polymer Films.
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Other Raman microscopes of Confotec® series produced by SOL instruments

Confocal microscope Confotec NR500

Confotec® NR500

High-precision, fully automated 3D laser scanning Raman confocal microscope with a spectrometer, designed for rapid non-destructive analysis

Compact confocal microscope Confotec MR200

Confotec® MR200

Compact and price-effective, fully automated Raman 3D scanning laser confocal microscope for routine measurements and scientific research

Multifunctional confocal microscope Confotec CARS

Confotec® CARS

Multifunctional multichannel 3D scanning laser confocal Raman and traditional microscope-spectrometer, notable for its high resolution and high-speed scanning

Two-laser compact microscope Confotec Duo

Confotec® Duo

Compact Raman microscope with two integrated lasers (532 nm and 785 nm with an optical isolator) with the telescopes and a two-channel imaging spectrometer

Single laser compact microscope Confotec Uno

Confotec® Uno

Compact confocal microscope with a built-in laser, 532 nm or 785 nm (optional), with a telescope and a single-channel imaging spectrometer on optical platform

Confotec® series microscopes

Raman confocal microscopes of Confotec® series: the 3D scanning laser microscopes-spectrometers designed to solve analytical tasks without an object destruction. Variety of configurations, reliability, flexibility and modularity, as well as high spatial and spectral resolution, allow to choose the optimal fitting of the Confotec® microscope for your unique application and investigation area.