SOL Instruments wishes to promote its products and solutions in the existing and new markets in the world.

We are looking for new companies and dedicated business partners to join our growing international distributor network.

We are looking for loyal partners with in-depth technical expertise, extensive local market, knowledge and relevant contacts.

Why it’s great to be a SOL instruments partner

A few words about the company.

We are a team of over 70 people, among them highly-skilled engineers, designers, factory and office workers, top managers.

For more than 25 years we have devoted our knowledge, innovations and experience to spectrоscopy, micrоscopy, lasеrs and create robust tools for scientific and industrial applications in four business segments:

We are proud to be a part of the world’s most advanced scientific explorations and bring our innovations to the market of high performance equipment.

Always on time

Just-in-time deliveries are guaranteed by our production planning process.

Full availability

We make sure your customers will always get the instrument they need and, on request, customized solutions will be provided.

What we offer

  • Honesty and transparency;
  • Innovations, wide range of instruments for scientific research and industry;
  • Marketing/leads;
  • Real-time product information that will help distributors increase their sales, marketing effectiveness and operational efficiencies, video tutorials; webinars, workshops;
  • Comprehensive technical and sales support: technical and commercial training, branded technical literature, user guides;
  • Joint meetings with key customers;
  • Post-sales support.

What We Expect

  • Knowledge of market and local conditions.
  • A true commitment to service, fast local delivery.
  • Self-motivation, finding opportunities and offering suggestions for improvements.


Give us a call or send message by e-mail at any time: