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You can always contact our sales department:


Distrubutor of SOL instruments in India
Technical sale director
Gopal Deshmukh
Distributor of SOL instruments in Indonesia
Flexisolve Technology Pte Ltd.
Adi Winarno
+62 812-8314-6196
Distributor of SOL instruments in China
Spark Eletro-optic Co., Ltd.
General Manager
Yang Tao
Distributor of SOL instruments in Korea
Edward Cha
+82 10 2715 1448
Distributor of SOL instruments in Poland
Irtech Sp. z.o.o.
Peter Kasprzycki
+48 12 267 37 74
Distributor of SOL instruments in Taiwan
YFQ Technology Limited Company 
 +886 3 4582486
Distributor of SOL instruments in Ukraine
Materials Lab Ltd.
Lead Engineer
Alexander Myslivchenko
+38 (067) 340-26-06
Distributor of SOL instruments in Czech
R.M.I s.r.o
Sales manager
Martin Munzar
+42 0 466 921 885
Distributor of SOL instruments in Japan
Tokyo Instruments, Inc.
Sales Director
Tsuyoshi Sakae
Distributor of SOL instruments in Japan
MSH systems, Inc
General Manager
Hiroyuki Watabe
+81 3 6261 1351
Distributors of SOL instruments
You can always contact one of our international managers or use the contact form, regardless of whether there is a distributor of SOL instruments in your country.
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Sales managers

Andrei Babin
Andrei Babin

Andrei Babin

Head of Sales

  • Raman confocal microscopes of Confotec series
Alexey Sokolovsky
Alexey Sokolovsky

Alexey Sokolovsky

Sales manager

  • Monochromators-spectrographs, spectrometers, lasers

Tech support

Alexander Andryiash

Alexander Andryiash

  • Monochromator-spectrographs, spectrometers
Vitali Dubouski

Vitali Dubouski

  • Laser elemental analyzer LEA‑S500
Sergej Shashkov

Sergej Shashkov

  • Raman confocal microscopes of Confotec series

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