Compact multifunctional two-channel spectrometers from SOL instruments

SOL instruments presents compact and easy-in-use two-channel spectrometers SL40 Duo and S150 Duo. The SL40 Duo model is a small-size spectrum analyzer comprising two independent spectrographs and an embedded linear detector. In any spectrograph, different diffraction gratings can be used, thus allowing to adjust both the spectral range to be detected and the obtained spectral resolution. The S150 Duo model is designed for spectral analysis of electromagnetic radiation, and precise wavelength measurements of lasers, including diode and tunable ones. The S150 Duo spectrometer is the best in its class of instruments with respect to accuracy and reproducibility when measuring wavelengths, shapes and widths of spectral lines.

Compact spectrometer SL40 Duo

SL40 Duo

  • Optical scheme: original mirror-lens with two independent spectrographs
  • F/number: 1/4.9
  • Focal length: 40 mm
  • Reciprocal linear dispersion: 17.7 nm/mm
  • Spectral resolution: < 0.5 nm
Two-channel spectrometer S150 Duo

S150 Duo

  • Optical scheme: vertical-symmetrical with two spectrometers in one housing
  • F/number: 1/9.3
  • Focal length: 158 mm
  • Reciprocal linear dispersion: 5 nm/mm
  • Spectral resolution: < 0.15 nm

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