Raman microscopy

SOL instruments presents Raman confocal microscopes of Confotec® series: Confotec® NR500, Confotec® MR350/MR520/MR750, Confotec® MR200, Confotec® CARS, Confotec® Duo and Confotec® Uno. Confotec® series is the 3D scanning laser microscopes-spectrometers designed to solve a wide range of research tasks in various fields of science and industry. Variety of configurations, reliability, flexibility and modularity of Confotec® systems allows to choose the optimal configuration to solve your problem.

Investigative microspectroscopic systems of Confotec® series

  • Have high sensitivity, high spatial and spectral resolution;
  • Allow to solve unique analytical tasks without an object destruction;
  • Are compatible with other analytical methods: AFM and SEM – atomic force microscopy and scanning electron microscopy, OEM and individual solutions;
  • Are successfully used in such fields as: nanobiotechnology, materials science, nanomaterials, mineralogy, archaeology, art, organic chemistry and polymer chemistry, biology, pharmaceuticals, cosmetology, as well as forensic science.
Confotec NR500

Confotec® NR500

Confotec® NR500 is a high-precision, fully automated 3D scanning laser confocal Raman microscope with a spectrometer. NR500 is designed for rapid non-destructive analysis of the physical and chemical properties of micro-objects and nanostructures, and for obtaining information on the substance by means of optical spectroscopy.

Microscopes of Confotec MR series

Confotec® MR series

3D scanning laser Raman confocal compact microscopes-spectrometers of Confotec® MR series – Confotec® MR350, Confotec® MR520 and Confotec® MR750 – are intended for micro-spectroscopic measurements with the high-end system capabilities. Each model of the series has 5 configuration variations, hence, you can always select the optimal model and parameters to solve your unique scientific or industrial task.

High-precision microscope Confotec MR200

Confotec® MR200

Confotec® MR200 is a compact, price-effective, fully automated, high-precision 3D scanning Raman microscope for routine measurements and scientific research. The true confocal optical layout with a set of automatically switchable confocal diaphragms (pinholes) allows conducting a spectral analysis of microparticles or Raman imaging of macro-objects with high spatial resolution.

Microscope Confotec CARS

Confotec® CARS

Confotec® CARS is a multifunctional multichannel 3D scanning laser microscope-spectrometer. The Confotec® CARS microscope combines in one system the CARS scanning microscope, the Raman/luminescent scanning confocal microscope, and the conventional scanning confocal laser microscope. Notable for its high resolution and high-speed scanning, the Confotec® CARS system allows to perform real-time noninvasive analysis of biological samples with high spatial resolution.

Microscope Confotec DUO

Confotec® Duo

The new Confotec® Duo microscope from SOL instruments is a compact device with two integrated lasers (532 nm and 785 nm with an optical isolator) with the telescopes and a dual-channel imaging spectrometer. Confotec® Duo, based on Raman scattering technique, has been designed to provide a new level of convenience in the class of compact Raman microscopes offering easy, rapid measurements of sophisticated samples with improved spatial resolution.

Microscope Confotec Uno

Confotec® Uno

The new Confotec® Uno confocal Raman microscope from SOL instruments is a compact device with one built-in laser, either of 532 nm or 785 nm wavelength (optional), with a telescope and a single-channel imaging spectrometer on 120-mm vertical optical platform and a 4096-pixel linear CCD detector that allows to obtain high resolution spectra and high-efficiency light collection.