Confotec® MR350 / MR520 / MR750
Description & Applications

Description of the confocal microscopes-spectrometers Confotec® MR350, MR520 and MR750

Compact Raman confocal microscopes-spectrometers of Confotec® MR series – models Confotec® MR350, Confotec® MR520 and Confotec® MR750 – are intended for micro spectroscopic measurements with the high-end system capabilities.

All models of the Confotec® MR series microscopes have a rigid design that does not require adjustments and have both high sensitivity and high spatial resolution.

Features of the Confotec® MR series microscopes

  • Modular design: the main Raman optical unit with a built-in laser is attached to the microscope, and the fiber coupled spectrograph can be arbitrarily located on a desktop or optical table.
  • Rigid design provides high thermal and temporal stability of spectral measurements, no pre-adjustment is needed.
  • Nondestructive analysis, no special requirements for sample preparations.

  • Two automatic switchable lasers with different wavelengths allow to measure Raman spectra of various samples without influence of fluorescence background.

  • Highly automated 350, 520 or 750 mm focal length Imaging monochromator-spectrograph with a motorized four-position grating turret provides spectral measurements.
  • Only some sample areas are located in focus due to limited confocal depth of field. A high-speed reflected unit allows you to quickly find a sample focus areas and use them for Raman measurements. This provides a significant gain in time and allows you to immediately use a high numerical aperture objective to record high spatial resolution Raman maps.
  • High speed simultaneous Raman and Rayleigh sample imaging using PMT detectors and a XY galvano-mirror scanner.
  • High speed and high spatial resolution ultra-wide panoramic imaging (Raman and Rayleigh scattering) using high speed PMTs, XY galvano-mirrors and an automated microscope stage.
  • 2D / 3D Raman imaging of a sample surface using XY galvano-mirror / Z-piezo scanners.
  • Automatic spectral calibration.

In all Confotec® MR series confocal microscopes spectral measurements are provided by a highly automated 350 mm, 520 mm or 750 mm focal length Imaging monochromator-spectrograph with a motorized four-position grating turret.

Performance capabilities, high reliability and compact design of confocal microscopes Confotec® MR350, Confotec® MR520, Confotec® MR750 allow researchers to tackle different, crucial tasks in science and industry.

Semiconductors, liquid crystals, polymers, pharmaceutical and biological substances, single molecules and nanoparticles can be objects of research.

We offer 5 configurations for each model of Confotec® MR series Raman microscopes so that you can select the optimal assembly for your unique industrial or scientific task.

Configuration of the Confotec® MR series microscopes

The most complete configuration corresponding to the models Confotec® MR350-SRMSp, Confotec® MR520-SRMSp and Confotec® MR750-SRMSp, includes:

  • Microscope with an automated stage.
  • Raman module integrated in the optical microscope.
  • Two automatically switching lasers: a built-in (473 or 532 nm), and an external (633 or 785 nm).
  • 350, 520 or 750 mm focal length Imaging monochromator-spectrograph with an automated 4-position grating turret.
  • Digital color CCD camera for spectral measurements with Peltier cooling.
  • High speed PMT unit for Raman imaging (3 sec / frame, 1001 x 1001 points).
  • X-Y galvano-mirror scanner and Z-piezo scanner.
  • Reflected unit with a high speed detection system for Rayleigh imaging: the speed is 3 seconds per frame, the resolution is 1001 x 1001 points.

Applications of the microscopes-spectrometers of Confotec® MR series: key articles

This application note describes the use of confocal Raman spectroscopy for the identification of authentic materials on the gem market. An extensive variety of gem materials are available in the jewelry marketplace at present. However, in some cases such materials are sold with inaccurate information on their identity…

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Raman confocal microscopy is widely used in pharmaceutics. Such technique allows identify chemical compounds and molecular conformers in various drugs…

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Energy from renewable sources, solar energy for example, is expected to play the important role in the near future. To convert the energy of sunlight directly into electricity, silicon solar cells (crystalline or polycrystalline) are widely used, because silicon technology is dominated in the market due to quickly reducing cost.

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As diamond is a very hard material, diamond coating is widely used in cutting or polishing tools. To improve performance of diamond coated tools, analysis techniques capable of test samples with high spatial resolution are required. Raman/ photoluminescence spectroscopy is a good candidate for such measurements due to ultra-high sensitivity to the structural perfection of diamond.

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Polymer multilayer films play an increasingly important role. Such films are used, for example, for food protection, as packing, insulating or coating material, etc. Confocal Raman microscopy is well suited tool for three-dimensional characterization of polymer films.

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