SOL instruments webinar

Ramanomics platform for cell biology research: why do we want to bridge optical imaging with in situ molecular analysis

  • Date and time: 9th of April 2021, 16.00 (МSK)
  • Language and platform: English, Zoom
  • Speaker: Artem Pliss, PhD, Research Associate Professor, ILPB
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To advance a fundamental understanding of cellular regulation it is imperative to develop a capability for systematic molecular analysis of biological structures in situ. At the same time, traditional Omics technologies such as chromatography-based mass spectroscopy depend on extraction of the analyzed pools of biomolecules from the sample, which impedes mapping of the biomolecular distribution and masks the essential variations between the different organelles, cells or tissue regions.

To overcome these limitations, we report on development of an optical Omics technology, based on integration of Raman Spectrometry, fluorescence microscopy, designated software and bioinformatics approaches. This integrative technology, referred here as Ramanomics, categorizes the entire molecular makeup of a sample into about a dozen of general classes and subclasses of biomolecules and quantifies their amounts in submicron volumes. A major contribution of this optical Omics technology is that it bridges Raman spectrometry with big-data analysis to identify complex patterns of biomolecules in single cellular organelles and leverage discovery of disease biomarkers. This talk will focus on the recent Ramanomics findings and outline future directions for studies of the dynamic cellular organization in health and disease.

Artem Pliss

Speaker: Artem Pliss, PhD, Research Associate Professor, ILPB – The Institute for Lasers, Photonics and Biophotonics

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