Новые конфигурации микроскопов Confotec™

New configurations of Confotec™ microscopes!!!

Dear colleagues, partners and customers! We are happy to present new configurations of compact Raman confocal microscopes Confotec™ MR350, Confotec™ MR520 and Confotec™ MR750, which are intended for micro spectroscopic measurements with the high-end system capabilities. All the models have a rigid design that does not require adjustments, and have both, high sensitivity and high spatial resolution. Spectral measurements are provided by a highly automated 350, 520 or 750 mm focal length Imaging monochromator-spectrograph with a motorized 4-position grating turret.

Performance capabilities, high reliability and compact design of confocal microscopes Confotec™ MR350, Confotec™ MR520 and Confotec™ MR750 allow researchers to tackle different, crucial tasks in science and industry. The objects for complex research can be various: semiconductors, liquid crystals, polymers, pharmaceutical and biological substances, single molecules and nanoparticles, etc. There are five configuration options for each model of confocal microscope, allowing you to choose characteristics optimal for your application. You can find the detailed specification here.

If you have got any questions or would like to purchase our confocal microscope – please contact us at: +375-17-390-93-60

The SOL instruments team